Power is Cutting Out


This typically occurs when there is a connection issue between the battery and mount, which causes there to be intermittent instead of constant power between the battery and motor. In order for the battery to be able to properly power the motor, it needs to have a solid connection with the mount that connects the battery leads to the motor. This issue can arise with wear and tear on the 4-prong connections of the 48V 11.6Ah battery to the mount. Follow the steps below to fix this issue:

1. Turn your whole system off and remove the battery.

2. Once the battery is removed try and turn on your QuietKat motor with the power button (though the motor won't power on because there is no battery it should use any residual power in the system so it doesn't spark when you fix the connection).

3. After step 2 is completed, use a pair of pliers to tweak/ squeeze the two outside male prong connectors on your battery mount inwards to make sure that your battery has a good solid connection with the mount.

If following these steps does not fix your issue, you may have connections that are too damaged with wear and tear that need to be replaced. Please create a Support Ticket here and we can help get you some replacement connections.