QuietKat Pro Program Qualifiers

Check your eligibility for QuietKat pro deals by examining the verified roles, professions, and qualifications.

**The QuietKat Pro Program is for United States customers only.**

Discover exclusive access to the QuietKat Pro Program, designed specifically for select industry professionals. We've outlined the jobs, roles, and qualifications that qualify individuals for this program. If you find yourself fitting into any of these categories, chances are you're eligible for pro deals:

  • Industry Professional: You meet the criteria as an industry professional if you are employed by an outdoor industry brand, serve as a ski/snowboard instructor or patroller, engage in outdoor education with organizations like NOLS or Outward Bound, contribute to outdoor non-profits/industry advocacy such as Leave No Trace or Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, or hold any other outdoor industry position that predominantly involves outdoor activities. Please be aware that we will need documentation of employment or certifications to confirm your qualification.
  • Military/Government/Educators: You are eligible for pro deals under the government/military/educator qualification if you are presently serving or have served in the military, if you are a federal, state, or local law enforcement officer, if you are a full-time or volunteer firefighter, if you work in the front lines of the emergency medical field, if you are a military spouse or dependent, or if you are an educator.
  • Retail Partners and Employees: You meet the criteria for pro deals as a retail employee if you are employed by a retailer that sells QuietKat product. Please be aware that we will need documentation of employment. 
  • Pro/Guide: You are eligible for pro deals as a pro/guide if you are an outdoor guide in one or more of the following categories: adventure travel, biking, camping, climbing, fishing, hiking, hunting, mountain activities, paddle sports, sailing, snow sports, surfing, or SCUBA. Please be aware that we will need documentation of your guide's license/certification. 
  • Influencer: Your eligibility will be determined based on factors such as your social media following, the nature of your typical posts, and alignment with the brand's demographic. Prospective influencers applying for the program will undergo a dedicated vetting process. Stay tuned, as we'll be in touch with the verdict – be it approval or otherwise.